27 Jul

Mastering the Art of Logos

Eleven Peppers Thoughts on the New Mastercard Logo

Mastercard has been issuing credit cards and processing payments since 1966. They operate the world’s fastest payments processing network and are active in more than 210 countries. To uphold their success, they recently announced a global digital payment service along with a brand new logo— their first change in 20 years. The identity was designed by NY-based Pentagram partner, Michael Beirut.

Eleven Peppers Studios took a good look at the logo and we can’t help but think: Simplicity is always the key. Beirut does an excellent job taking the basic elements of the original 1968 logo and giving it more of a purpose for our world today. The mark adapts well to giant billboards as well as tiny Apple watch screens.

But what we thought was even more interesting about Beirut’s new design, is his reasoning for using these two primary colors. It was intriguing to learn that Beirut and his team turned to Michael Eugéne Chevreul’s theory of simultaneous contrast. Beirut explains, “The way a color looks depends on what other colors are adjacent to it… it’s three flat colors, but when you put them together the orange in the middle looks lighter when it’s touching the red and darker when it’s touching the yellow.”

The mark is undoubtedly clever without having to scream it. It’s a mark that has the potential to endure the modern and contemporary years ahead all while making a bold statement.

So if we were to rate Mastercard’s new logo on the Eleven Peppers scale of creative spiciness, we would have to give it an 11/10!

Mastercard image courtesy of Pentagram

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