18 Dec

2018 Gift Guide: Last Minute Ideas for Creatives

Shopping for the Creatives Pros in your life can be tricky. I mean really, how many soft-brush marker pens could they possibly need? All of them… at least that’s the answer I’ve found most accurate. Well today, I am bringing you an all-inclusive Gift Guide that will cover ANY type of creative on your list! Oh, and did I mention they are all Amazon Prime eligible? So, even if you’re like me and wait until the very last minute for the “perfect” idea to magically pop into your head, you’ll be covered.

All product names and descriptions will be linked at the bottom… PS this is in no way affiliated, we just love these products and wanted to share… HERE WE GO!

1 – For the Typography Lover: The “I’m silently judging your font choice” t-shirt is perfect for your overly-enthusiastic font lovers and judgers and comes in men, women, and youth sizes.

2 – For the Visual Thinkers: This classic, cloth-covered Grids and Guides notebook provides 160 pages of varied grid designs with a handful of illustrations and graphs dispersed throughout. Just as suitable for capturing to-do lists as it is sketches.

3 – For those who Get their Best Ideas in the Shower: We’ve all had it happen, you think of something ingenious only to have it fly out of your brain before you can write it down. Never again, well, at least not while you’re in the shower. Aqua Notes, thank you for solving the age-old problem in at least one room of the house.

4 – For the Storyteller: The Storymatic Classic includes 540 unique prompt cards to help unlock your imagination. This is a wonderful gift for content creators, writers, or even those who just like to tell a good story.

5 – For Kids: Tomorrow I’ll Be Brave by Jessica Hische is a beautifully illustrated book that encourages kids to look towards tomorrow, to dream big, to promise to do new things.

6 – For 3D Artists: Here’s one for all of our 3-dimensional medium artists or really anyone, because it is just so fun! The 3Doodler Create Pen is such a unique and versatile gift, great for all ages and skill level.

7 – For the Dreamers: Know someone who needs a creativity pep-talk? Maybe you are that person, I know I am. Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert delivers just that. Gilbert shows us how to push past our fears and be brave in our creative abilities.

8 – For the Graphic Designers: This Adobe Illustrator Keyboard Hot Keys Silicone Skin will have your friends spending less time remembering shortcuts and more time creating!

9 – For the Illustrators: Okay, well it wouldn’t be a Gift Guide for Creatives unless I threw in some Brush Marker Pens… and these are Metallic!

10 – For the Lover all things Retro: You know the person… saved the first edition Nancy Drew novels from her parent’s house and prefers real books over audio books. This throwback Typewriter Coaster set will please any retro home decor lover.

11 – For Anyone: Had to throw in a mug, it is getting colder after all. This Think Outside, Leave the Box At Home mug  is a wonderful, daily reminder for any creative to just break through any boundary or “box” in their way.

I hope you found this guide helpful, please tag us on social media (Instagram|Facebook) if you know someone who would love one of these gifts. Happy Prime-ing everyone!

Katie Burns
Holiday Lover, Digital Marketing Manager at 11P, Laughs at Her Own Jokes.

11 Dec

Brand Perception: It’s Everywhere

I was recently on a Netflix binge of the show “Designated Survivor” when the word brand caught my attention. Something said by President Tom Kirkman had been taken out of context and now a senator was attempting to use it for political gain. In the scene, President Kirkman’s staff were expressing concern that this would have a significant negative effect on his brand. His staff went on to explain that Tom Kirkman’s brand is the people’s President, the average Joe and Jane President, and the out of context statement being used by the senator made it seem that President Kirkman was calling these same people suckers. Not a good thing if you want to stay in good standing with your constituents (or customers). I found it interesting that branding itself would be a topic – albeit not the main one – on a show that’s mostly about political intrigue and hunting down the enemy so I thought I’d dive into what brand means in this context and why it’s so important.

If you google branding, you’ll come up with definitions, articles, listings for local companies and YouTube videos. Digging into those top few definitions and articles will yield results that talk about logos, colors, terms, slogans and even branding cattle. If you scroll a little further down those original search results, you’ll find that Shopify defines branding as “all of the ways you establish an image of your company in your customers’ eyes.” This is closer to the meaning of brand that the staffers on Designated Survivor were concerned about, but I think the closest I came across comes from Marty Neumeier’s book, “The Brand Gap” which defines brand as “a person’s gut feeling about a product, service or organization.” In other words, it comes down to how you or your company/product/service are perceived by your customers.

So how do you ensure that your brand is perceived the way you want it to be? Here are a couple of key things to consider:

  1. Have a clear vision. Know where you want your brand to go and what you want your brand to do. It’s often helpful if your vision includes how your brand will benefit others. You don’t just want to make a really cool product. You want to make a really cool product that positively impacts the lives of your customers.
  2. Be consistent. Your message has to be clear across the board. This goes for what you say, what your staff says and how you and your staff portray your brand. If you, your press secretary or even your intern don’t understand or can’t get behind your message, then you’re not presenting a united front and you lose credibility.
  3. Be engaged and accessible. In the age of social media, customers need to be able to reach out to the brands that they do business with. Regularly posting new content, responding to feedback and encouraging your customers to be involved with your company via social media makes them feel included. If your customers see that they can be part of your brand, they are much more likely to become and/or remain loyal customers.

As with most TV shows, the episode ended with the misunderstanding being righted and the American people back on President Kirkman’s side. If only righting misunderstandings was as easy as it is on TV. This is part of why it is so critical to ensure your brand is properly perceived by your current and potential customers. At the end of the day, the perception of your brand can determine your success whether that’s the success of a product, a service or a political career.

Katie Long
Life-long Marylander, Content Creator at 11P, Obstacle Course Racing Enthusiast.

04 Dec

Celebrating 5 Years: Rebecca Popka

Could the end of 2018 get any better? Multiple promotion announcements, holiday get-togethers, and our SECOND 5 Year Pepper-versary!!! This time we are celebrating the wonderful Rebecca Popka.  Rebecca (or Popka as we fondly call her) also took a leap of faith as our first Commercial Team employee, working hand-in-hand with owner Kristen Parks. Rebecca worked on everything from 11p in-house marketing efforts and social media, to client branding projects and full website redesigns. Rebecca’s commercial team work even earned her an ADDY award for her 11p holiday hot chocolate kit design. Since then, Rebecca continues to wow and amaze her clients and teammates with her incredible talent and work ethic. We’re so lucky to have her in the pepper family! Check out this graphic for more info about Rebecca, and read our special interview:



1: What do you like most about working at 11P? I love everything about 11p but what I like the most is everyone’s amazing talent that makes them a unique pepper.


2: What is a favorite 11P memory (in words or in sketch)? The most memorable was the wonderful opportunity to visit Disney, “Where Dreams Come True,” to celebrate the company’s 5thanniversary.


3: What is your favorite Holiday present ever received from 11P? Hands down Walt Disney World, which was a complete surprise.


4: What is your favorite 11P event? I’ve always been an avid gamer so when 11p announced a game night I was ready for some table top fun. There were a lot of new games I never played before that I enjoyed like Telestrations and One Night Ultimate Werewolf.


5: If you were a pepper, what type of pepper would you be and why? A Pepperoncini. It’s a common pepper with a dash of spicy that’s been pickled, which is a favorite thing of mine (picked foods).


6: Name a Pepper you can always lean on for support or advice: 11p is a unique company with a close-knit family of peppers who are always supportive and there for any type of advice. The pepper chat channel has always been my go-to for creative guidance.


7: Name a Pepper whose work or work ethic inspires you: Kate Rodman is an incredible illustrator whose passion and amazing talent is beautifully moving. Her work is always inspirational.


8: My spice meter :

  • Complete wimp
  • Will proceed with caution
  • A subtle flame
  • A little sweat never hurt
  • The spicier, the better!


Get to know Rebecca a little bit better…

1: If you could pick 2 fonts that you had to work with forever, which would they be?
Helvetica Neue and Cambo.


2: What design trend do you wish would just die already?
Bevel and emboss, especially when new Photoshop users discover this “effect”.


3: What designer/artists do you admire?
I really like the artist René Magritte, a Belgian surrealist who captured thought-provoking images that challenges a viewer’s perception of reality. He had a distinct and creative way of displaying ordinary objects out of context, giving new meanings to familiar things.


4: What do you love most about being a mom?
Watching my son grow and learn new things is exciting but what I really love is the sweet yet brief moments when he gives a hug, a kiss, or even wants to cuddle.


5: What did you do for Thanksgiving?
Cancun, fun in the sun – drinks, a spa day, and some tasty tacos al pastor.


6: We know you’re an avid Disney World fan, what is your favorite ride?
Ever since I was little, I’ve always loved the Pirates of the Caribbean ride even before the popularity of Jack Sparrow. Being immersed in their story while listening to the catchy music in the dark has always been a favorite of mine. One day I would love to experience Shanghai Disneyland’s ride, Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure, as the visual effects look incredible.


7: If you could dine with any Disney character, who would it be?
As a fan of Star Warsit’s got to be Han Solo and Chewbacca in Maz Kanata’s castle on Takodana listening to their adventures as smugglers and joining the Rebel Alliance to Restore the Republic.


8: Where is the furthest you’ve traveled from home?
I’ve traveled to a lot of different places but the furthest I’ve gone is to Thailand. The plane ride alone was about 24 hours (not counting layovers)…loooongest travel day EVER but well worth it. It was great traveling to different cities, sight-seeing, and eating a ton of delicious food even the infamous durian, not a fan.


9: Any secret talents or hobbies?
Before having a baby I loved gaming. Anything from table top to console to PC gaming, which for each I enjoyed playing Geister Geister Schatzsuchmeister, The Legend of Zelda, and World of Warcraft. I would even host a game night every couple of months but post baby most of my time is now occupied entertaining him. When he gets older I hope to share some of the games that I’ve always enjoyed with him.



















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