01 Jan

Year in Review: 2018

Instead of a boring list of all of our accomplishments in 2018, I thought it would be more fitting to SHOW what made this year (and every year) the best one yet… OUR PEOPLE. From engagements, weddings, graduations and pregnancy/birth announcements, to promotions and celebrating our 5 year anniversary with a HUGE trip to Disney World, to being named one of the Best Places to Work by Baltimore Business Journal, and growing our pepper family by more than a third with 100% retention… the faces in these photos are what make Eleven Peppers Studios so amazing.

2018 was one for the record books and we can’t wait to see what 2019 brings!

Kristen Parks
Business Owner, Momma, Jazzercise Lover, List Maker.

01 Jan

New Year, Only Slightly Improved You

Around this time last year we launched our new website. It was the mark of new beginnings. Our goal was to showcase the incredible talent of our own pepper family as well as others in the design community and beyond. #fail

Okay, that might sound a little harsh. We definitely have shared some of the amazing work we’ve done but we certainly didn’t meet all of our goals. Isn’t that always the case with New Year’s resolutions? You start off strong and then the bubbles from the night before wear off. We’ve all been there.

Not this year! That’s where “New Year, Only Slightly Improved You” comes in, because let’s be honest, you’re awesome as you are but we all know we want more from ourselves. From businesses wanting to rebrand to individual health goals…. hey, maybe you really just want to start that capsule wardrobe you’ve been obsessively researching on Pinterest. Whatever it is, now is the perfect time for a redesign and we want to lead the way.

To get ourselves, and maybe you, going, here are four easy steps to help kick start and keep resolutions and what you can expect from us this year.

  1. Write it down. And we don’t mean taking a screenshot of the tweet you just posted. We’re getting organized with a social media calendar. Ink only… no going back!
  2. Tell other people. Just like we’re letting you know our plans, you’ll be more accountable with yourself if you share your goals with others.
  3. Take baby steps. We’re starting with bi-weekly blog posts among a variety of weekly social media updates.
  4. Celebrate those baby steps. As soon as this post is published, we’re grabbing whatever champagne is left over from last night and toasting, but do something that appeals to you and aligns with your goals.

So those are our steps to sticking to resolutions. We will post more blog content (biweekly to start), give in-depth looks at our design process, share resources and advice, and tweet/post/share/like/follow the heck out of all the incredible work our peppers as well as other swoon worthy businesses and individuals create this year.

As always please reach out, leave feedback, share your own work with us, or just ask questions AND be sure to connect with us on social media (buttons below) so you don’t miss anything.

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