We've had the pleasure of working with a fine group of clients to design creative and memorable visual communications products that unite form and function.

Meals on Wheels


Eleven Peppers commemorated 2016 by creating a gift-opening experience with the feeling of coming home to celebrate a $100 donation in each of our clients’ names to Meals on Wheels (MOW). To give the impression of a front door mat, each gift was wrapped in custom kraft paper with the phrase “Well Hello There.” A ‘lock’ tag and vintage key signified opening the front door, as well as a nod to the mobile aspect of MOW. Clients opened the box to find an individual place setting with hand-stamped utensils and disposable placemat pad. Utensil phrases included “give thanks,” “spread kindness” and “embrace joy.” A paper ‘napkin’ held the donation certificate and foliage including evergreen, cinnamon and of course, a chile. The five placemat designs featured ‘spicy’ expressions.


January 17, 2017



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