Simply Put, We Love What We Do.

We are a dedicated group of award-winning, dynamic, and professional creatives with a passion for helping organizations achieve their goals through design. What sets us apart is our culture. Each team member has a specific role to play to ensure our products and services meet or exceed the highest standards set by our industry, our peers, and most importantly, our clients.

See why we’re different.

It All Began Around the Kitchen Table


Eleven Peppers was brought to life by husband and wife team, Bryan and Kristen Parks. After years in the industry, Kristen was inspired to demonstrate the value of creative services in technology centric markets. Bryan was an MBA graduate with an itch to put his hard-earned skills to work through entrepreneurship.


Growing 11p from the ground up took lots of hustle, some healthy lessons learned, and a divide and conquer approach. Kristen pitched the business while Bryan crunched numbers by day, and by night, they strategized their goals and dreamt of what the business could become.

03-First Pepper

Grit, determination, and persistence DOES pay off! In 2013, the very first Pepper was hired, a designer turned UX rock star, who is with 11p to this day. He has also become 11p’s official Ambassador of Fun, planning and organizing fun events and treats for the pepper team.


The business grew naturally by doing great work for clients who shared their successes and positive experiences with others. Oh, and 11p won some pretty sweet awards! More clients and new business avenues enabled 11p to hire amazing people to join their team and expand their service offerings.


A great business is nothing without its people. 11p has always put a priority on personal wellbeing and work/life balance, but fun events including a trip to Disney World, glass blowing, bowling, and happy hours allow the team to let loose, reconnect and build positive working relationships.


In 2020, Eleven Peppers opened its first small (but mighty!) office! With this new collaboration space, 11p can wow clients and support employees in new and exciting ways. Check us out in Columbia sometime. We’d love to meet you.

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What's With The Name?

Our Peppers

Our talent is the cream of the crop! They have the experience and skill set to tackle a diverse range of design challenges, from branding and marketing to software development and everything in between.

Amy F.
Communications Specialist
Anne H.
Principal UX Designer
Andrea A.
Senior UX Designer
Angela A.
Facility Security Officer
Ashley D.
Senior UX Designer
Audra H.
Principal UX Designer
Austine B.
Senior Designer
Brady P.
Senior Web Developer
Brian L.
Lead Software Engineer
Bryan P.
Cara N.
Senior Content Designer
Chanel A.
Senior User Experience Designer
Chelsea J.
UX Designer
Cheryl W.
Chris D.
Multimedia Designer
Christina C.
Principal Learning Experience Designer
Colette S.
Junior Designer
David M.
Principal UX Designer
Debbie W.
Creative Director
Devin E.
Art Director
Domenic M.
Senior Marketing Strategist
Emily P.
Senior UX Designer
Erica G.
Human Resources Manager
Gary P.
Principal Usability Engineer
Grace H.
Principal Designer
Hayley B.
Proposal and Business Development Manager
Jay B.
Senior Video Producer
Jaymie H.
Principal Systems Engineer
Jeri J.
Senior Principal Communications Strategist
John R.
Senior UX Designer
Joy C.
Principal Designer
Julie C.
Senior Designer
Julie T.
Head of Workplace & Employee Experience
Kate C.
Art Director
Kathryn G.
Associate Creative Director
Katie B.
Senior Marketing Strategist
Katie L.
Senior Software Strategist
Kellie E.
Principal Marketing Strategist
Kelsey M.
Associate Creative Director
Krista C.
Senior UX Designer
Kristen P.
Kristen P.
Principal Learning Experience Designer
Lauren B.
Art Director
Lauren F.
Senior Designer
Lisa V.W.
Senior Content Strategist
Maricel S.
Senior Designer
Mark T.
Principal Multimedia Designer
Melissa L.
Executive Creative Director
Nayna S.
Principal Learning Experience Designer
Paul D.
Principal Software Engineer
Rebecca P.
Sr. Principal UX Designer
Rich G.
UX Designer
Sam U.
Scott M.
Senior Designer
Sean M.
Senior Designer
Taylor M.
Senior Marketing Strategist
Theresa S.
VP, Talent & Operations
Troy I.
Valencia G.
Creative Director
West E.
Senior Multimedia Producer
William R.
Junior Designer