Clearance Required | Full-time
Job description

As a designer, you ask yourself, “How can I make this better?” You have a masterful knowledge of typography for web and print platforms. Adobe Creative Cloud is your BFF, and memories of making the logo bigger give you migraines. You are a fantastic teammate and an even better employee. Composition is second nature. Your Instagram photos are probably frame worthy. You see impossible design requests as a challenge, not as a wall. You’re bright, passionate, and driven. You can work well with others and work efficiently when accomplishing independent tasks. 

The Fun Stuff
  • Collaborate with teammates to create print and digital designs that are beautiful, purposeful, and innovative 
  • Meet with and respond to clients and executives, ensuring their needs are taken care of 
  • Develop brands and style guides from scratch 
  • Design various visual communications products including presentations, brochures, promotional materials, posters, banners, websites, etc. 
  • Generate assets for web and video production 
  • Employ critical thinking and visual problem-solving to illustrate complex data relationships
The Necessities
  • You have a bachelor’s degree in a creative discipline; experience requirements are flexible depending on the project 
  • You are fluent in the Adobe Creative Suite tools 
  • You have a keen sense of typography, layout, and color with a hunger for innovation  
  • Your design eye is so refined that you can adapt your style to any challenge that is thrown at you 
  • Your ability to design for multiple platforms, including print and web, is second nature 
  • You are a strong communicator with the ability to provide and receive constructive criticism, as well as the ability to articulate design concepts directly to clients 
  • You know how to hit deadlines and get the job done 
Spice up your career!
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Please reference the position in the subject line. For design positions, a portfolio is required (URL preferred). We look forward to hearing from you!
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