11p Turns 11

A Look Back at How We Celebrated This Monumental Anniversary

Reaching 10 years in business is a milestone worth celebrating for many, but for us, it’s all about 11 (as our name suggests). That’s why we’ve decided to celebrate this significant milestone all year long.

From a fiery anniversary mark and a hotter-than-hot sizzle reel to a year-long social media series highlighting our top achievements, we’ve put our design skills to work to showcase just how far we’ve come.

Join us for a behind-the-scenes look at how these incredible projects came to life!

Setting the Tone

Inspiration often strikes like a spark, but in the case of the 11p anniversary mark, the team was motivated by many symbols of heat and ornate number styles. This moodboard is a sampling of the concepts we thought were worthy of exploring before narrowing down the general creative direction. This step of the creative process often involves Google, blog, portfolio, and magazine research to pull ideas that inspire the sketch phase.

Sketching it Out

Our initial sketches for the “Hotter than Ever” mark included explorations that evoke the idea of heat including dragons, bombs, candles, flames, and hot air balloons.

We looked at the personality of our brand to narrow the selections down, and then conducted a survey to determine the winner. The  pepper lighter design emerged victorious as the team favorite.

Making it Sizzle

To highlight the evolution of our spicy brand, we composed a montage of past and present projects to commemorate 11 years of bringing the heat.

Celebrating Our Milestones

As you’ve already seen, we’ve accomplished a lot since 2012, and to highlight some of our favorite moments, we created an “11p Milestones” series on social media that includes:

  1. On August 3, 2012, Eleven Peppers became official
  2. We won an ADDY on April 17, 2015, for our creation of a holiday hot cocoa kit we gifted to our Peppers.
  3. We’ve taken as many Peppers as possible to conferences like HOW, Circles, and more! 
  4. We were awarded our first Prime Contract 8 years ago, and that number keeps going up!
  5. Over the years, we’ve supported, volunteered, and donated services to many different local and national charity organizations.
  6. In 2019, we showed up in true Pepper fashion and won the Spirit Award for our enthusiasm and pep.
  7. In January 2018, EVERY employee plus their families (a total of 81) traveled to Disney to celebrate 11p’s 5-year anniversary.
  8. We opened our doors in Columbia, MD in late 2019 and have loved using the space to meet and collaborate with fellow Peppers.
  9. In March 2021, we hit 50 employees supporting clients with top-notch UX design, research, engineering, web development, strategy, branding, and more!
  10. Our Working Parents, Ambassadors of Fun, Diversity, and Wellness advocates use their passion to help create the best work environment possible.
  11. Any Pepper that hits 10 years with 11p receives an additional 100 hours of PTO!