Pepper Talk with Julie T.

We’re diving in deep to get to know Julie for this month’s Pepper Talk!

Just a little background before we get started, Julie works as the Executive Assistant doing a lit bit of everything at 11p. She’s been with Eleven Peppers for almost a year!

1. Do you have any nicknames?
Jul, Julz/Juls, JT, JM and Julie Marie when I was in trouble when I as a kid (if my last (then maiden) name Dougherty was added, I knew to just run).

2. What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
Check the time to see if I can go back to sleep or just lay there a bit longer. If not, coffee.

3. What is your favorite part about working as an executive assistant?
This career is all new to me, but I would say there are two main favorites:  I like helping people, and that’s been the main gist of the role.  I’m constantly fielding questions or helping execute tasks, so it’s right up my alley.  But the events would definitely be right up there… I love planning events!

4. How did you get started in this industry?
A friend/now co-worker referred me to the position.  I like planning events and organizing, and she thought I’d be a good fit not only with the tasks, but with the culture of 11p.

5. What are your favorite organization and planning tools?
Monday was new to me, and let’s just say if there’s confetti for checking off a task, I’m sold!  But I LOVE my notebooks, desk organizers, and if it’s not on the calendar, it doesn’t exist.

6. Rapid-Fire Round:

Caffeine or no: YES!

Sweet or savory: Both, please! Salted caramel was created for a reason!

Favorite TV series: Despite wanting to watch many of the newer series “that everyone talks about”, I find myself defaulting to Friends, Golden Girls, Three’s Company, Fresh Prince and the like.  Hoping to one day have time to binge some of the newbies.  But every day I can, it’s Wheel of Fortune at prime time!

Favorite place to travel: This is tough because it depends on what I’m going for.  A few favs are Grand Cayman, Sonoma, Charleston, and not-so-far-away Rehoboth Beach.

Hobbies: Shuttling my kids to sports if that counts, boating, paddleboarding, hiking with my family, cocktailing with my girlfriends, and the rare family game night when all of our schedules align.

7. Okay, admission time… What is your favorite task/project you work on? I have to go with events. I’m partial to the smaller-scaled ones where it’s easier to mingle and catch up with fellow employees, especially since in my position I don’t see co-workers on the day-to-day.  Since they offer that opportunity, it elevates the fun in planning them.

Thanks for getting to know Julie. As always, stay tuned for next month’s Pepper Talk to meet another member of our team!