Meals on Wheels

The Challenge

To commemorate 2016, 11p continued with the tradition that began in 2015 (see our Make-a-Wish case study) of making donations in each of our clients’ names. To celebrate each $100 donation to Meals on Wheels (MOW), we designed a unique gift-opening experience that truly felt like coming home.


Print Design + Packaging


To give the impression of coming home again, each gift was wrapped in custom kraft paper with the front door mat expression, “Well Hello There.” They also had a ‘lock’ tag and vintage key to not only signify the opening of a front door but also to serve as a nod to the mobile aspect of MOW. Each of the five placemat designs featured ‘spicy’ expressions.


The package design materials were selected with extreme care to evoke two feelings. First, the feeling of the holiday season was captured in red and green, flannel, earth tones, and browns that are reminiscent of trees, winter, and the outdoors. Second, rustic materials were included to create the feeling of warmth and elude to the notion of “home.” As the client opened the box, we wanted them to imagine that they’re sitting down at a holiday dinner with their family. This aligns with the communal Meals on Wheels experience since they go as far as bringing meals directly to your door and oftentimes volunteers stay at the recipient’s request.


Clients opened the box to find an individual place setting with hand-stamped utensils and a disposable placemat pad. Utensil phrases included “give thanks,” “spread kindness” and “embrace joy.” A paper ‘napkin’ held the donation certificate and foliage including evergreen, cinnamon, and of course, a chili pepper.

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