The Challenge

11p was thrilled to team up with Belay Technologies who provides leading-edge technology and engineering services to the DoD, as well as state-of-the-art commercial products. Belay had patented their premier automated testing tool but felt it could use a little “pepper” magic. We got right to work reimagining the branding and user experience as well as arming them with marketing collateral to ensure the new brand was seamless across the entire client experience.


Branding + User Experience



Belay Technologies has a well-established brand. When redesigning the logo for their automated testing tool, SummitRTS, we knew that creating parallels between the two would achieve faster brand recognition and trust. To balance creating an extension of Belay’s existing logo with something uniquely “SummitRTS” we started by incorporating identifiable parent brand elements. Mirroring the mountain shapes and sticking to the existing brand color scheme of red, blue, and black created cohesion but then it was time to get creative.

Parent Logo

Next came adding in those uniquely “SummitRTS” elements. Since SummitRTS automates and streamlines a wealth of testing feedback, we wanted the logo to have a sense of movement. We played with incorporating arrows and gears to signify automation.

Logo Explorations

Final Logo

Summit Peaks

The summit peaks mimic the three peaks in the Belay Technologies logo and depict multiple summits to tie in “range.”


The gear encapsulates the mountain shapes, as automation is a key feature of SummitRTS.


Bringing the two elements together, we tie-in Belay’s existing branding with the core functionality of SummitRTS.

Presentation Template

Consistency is key. We equipped the Belay team with a branded presentation template to use when demoing the tool to potential customers.


A positive user experience makes all the difference for the success and early adoption of a new tool. We identified competitors in the market, researched existing industry standards and compared functionality to get a baseline for SummitRTS.

Our challenge was to create a user interface that contained extensive testing feedback, while maintaining visual simplicity. We focused on what made other tools successful and what pitfalls to avoid in the user experience.

Competitor Analysis


Our UX process in redesigning SummitRTS began with the users. After interviewing developers who use automated testing tools daily, we translated their challenges into how-might-we statements (HMW). These HMW’s drove the decisions we made in building the information architecture and wireframes for the dashboards.

User Interviews and How-Might-We Statements


Test Plan Comparison


Compare multiple test plans in a streamlined UI.


Export test plan comparisons to send to customers.

Results Dashboard


Leave notes for other users to refer back to.


Access test plan metadata in the right-hand panel.

Per the client’s request, we used Material UI and established a visual hierarchy, placing 508 compliance at the forefront. We ensured that all colors had high contrast and incorporated pass/fail icons for users with red/green color blindness. We provided multiple visual cues for the status of items, such as unfilled and filled icons to delineate in-progress and completed tests, respectively.

UI Elements


We created both a light and dark mode for the user interface, a “must-have” that had been requested by every developer we interviewed. To avoid too much customization for the Belay development team, eleven colors (see what we did there) comprise the entire scheme. We incorporated breadcrumb navigation to enable the user to jump in and out of test plan details and visual reports to provide an overarching view of results as multiple tests run.

With the user interface design completed and a refreshed logo, SummitRTS was ready to help clients scale their automated testing.


Results Dashboard

Test Plan Dashboard

The end result was perfect, from the meaningful display of vast amounts of data to rebranding of the SummitRTS logo. SummitRTS already was peerless in its technology, Eleven Peppers treatment now makes SummitRTS peerless with the new User Experience and functionality of its GUI. Well done Eleven Peppers, you knocked it out of the park!

Jake Stokes, President, Belay Technologies

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